Senior Gable Champions

  • Views (Gauteng) defeats Purpose(Gauteng)

Senior Plate Champions

  • Multiply (Western Cape) defeats 25 (Gauteng)

Senior Motions

  • R1: THW erect public housing in wealthy suburbs.
  • R2: THW punish attempted and committed crimes equally.
  • R3: THBT minority performers (comedians and actors) should not play up stereotypes based upon their own identity within performances.
  • R4: THW ban all advertising of consumer goods and services.
  • R5: THBT it is unethical to bring a new child into this world.
  • R6: THW privatise South African parastatals that require government bail-outs.
  • R7: THBT universities should preemptively discontinue degrees required for professions that are projected to be obselete in 10 years time (e.g. accountant, financial analyst, journalist, etc.)
  • Gable and Plate QF: THBT the transgender community should actively seek to separate themselves (their issues and their collective identity) from the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Gable and Plate SF: *THW introduce a ‘social credit system’.
  • Plate Final THW abandon the quest for free university education in South Africa.
  • Gable Final THW nationalise all the land in South Africa.

Limpopo Senior Teams’ Performance (36 teams in total)

  • More Life ranked 15th with 4 wins, 11 judges and 5,144.50 points.
  • Revival ranked 28th with 2 wins, 7 judges and 4,985.50 points

Limpopo Senior Speakers’ Performance (135 speakers in total)

  • Madzanga Ramabulana (More Life) ranked 22nd and spoke in 7 rounds with an average of 70.62
  • Munaka Munyai (More Life) ranked 28th and spoke in 5 rounds with an average of 70.27
  • Mahlako Kgomoeswana (More Life) ranked 50th and spoke in 5 rounds with an average of 69.57
  • Ofentse Makgato (More Life) ranked 56th and spoke in 4 rounds with an average of 69.42
  • Hlengiwe Mashimbye (Revival) ranked 96th and spoke in 7 rounds with an average of 68.17
  • Lutricia Le Roux (Revival) ranked 100th and spoke in 7 rounds with an average of 68.07
  • Tsoseletso Seabi (Revival) ranked 112th and spoke in 5 rounds with an average of 67.33

Congratulations to More Life for making the break into the Plate Quarter Finals. Well done to all the senior speakers. The journey to this years nationals was long and difficult but you managed it well and made the most of it. Thank you to the senior coaches for all the effort: Thabo Phala, Kyle Lyle and Vhudi Mothabatsinde.

Note: All teams were named after a music album.