Junior Gable Champions

  • Graduation (Gauteng) defeats I See You (Western Cape)

Junior Plate Champions

  • Reputation (Gauteng) defeats Everybody (Eastern Cape)

Junior Motions

  • R1: THW cancel all television programs that feature child performers.
  • R2: THR the commercialisation of religious holidays and festivals.
  • R3: TH prefers that schools should stop teaching the notion that hardwork leads to success.
  • R4: *THR TIME magazine’s decision to have Taylor Swift on the TIME Person of the Year cover.
  • R5: THW prohibit people with criminal records from running for political office.
  • R6: THW force fathers to take paternity leave.
  • R7: Assuming that technology existed that would allow one to transfer years of their natural life (the time one would live, if not cut down unnaturally by disease or accident) to another, THW would legalise the sale of years of life.
  • Gable QF and Plate Semi:¬† THW force religious institutions – such as the church – to perform same sex marriages.
  • Gable SF: THR the rise of social media as a primary source of news.
  • Plate Final: THR the liberal media’s extensive coverage of Donald Trump.
  • Grand Final: THBT the courts should break up consistently dominant political parties.

Limpopo Junior Teams’ Performance (27 teams in total)

  • Evol ranked 21st with 3 wins, 7 judges and 4,882 points.
  • Underestimated ranked 22 with 2 wins, 7 judges and 4,928 points.

Limpopo Junior Speakers’ Performance (103 speakers in total)

  • Naledi Sebati (Underestimated) ranked 41st and spoke in 6 rounds with an average of 68.11
  • Tsebo Sekole (Evol) ranked 50th and spoke in 7 rounds with an average of 67.95
  • Margaret Libetwa (Underestimated) ranked 61st and spoke in 5 rounds with an average of 67.67
  • Boitumelo Phalane (Underestimated) ranked 85th and spoke in 5 rounds with an average of 66.43
  • Qasim Osman (Underestimated) ranked 87th and spoke in 5 rounds with an average of 66.37
  • Tebogo Shamiso (Evol) ranked 91st and spoke in 7 rounds with an average of 66.12
  • Koketjo Maphanga (Evol) ranked 95th and spoke in 7 rounds with an average of 65.57

I’m very proud of the effort shown by our junior speakers. In the week before the tournament two of the speakers cancelled and a reserve was called up. Teams had to be restructured. Thank you to Mapitsi Tladi and Vaniah Thomas for managing the situation well.

Note: All teams were named after a music album.