Final Letter

In just under 2 weeks, we’ll have the pleasure of welcoming you to the laid back atmosphere of the Free State

There’s been a lot of planning going into this tournament, the socials will be awesome, the food will be awesome, the debates will be awesome and oh yes, bedding is provided

The climate is as unpredictable as anything but it seems like it would be pretty warm so pack accordingly.

This tournament will also run over the time of MACUFE, so be prepared for quite an atmosphere.

Any last minute arrangements (ie bus drivers @ 850 each) or something along those lines please let us know.

If you haven’t sent your provinces info/money please do so immediately.

Check you between 10am -12pm on the 2nd

As for photography; we’ll have a photographer making CD’s at R50 a piece.

Shout for more info but we’ll see you soon (W00T)


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