Taxila Secondary School’s junior and senior debaters came from being ranked in 2nd positions to be champions of both the junior and senior divisions of the Limpopo Schools Debating Championships held at Mitchell House College on Saturday, 7th September 2019.

Other schools that participated at the Championships were Capricorn, Noorderland, Hanyani Thomo, Bokamoso, Florapark Comprehensive, Eagle’s Nest and our generous hosts Mitchell House.

Senior Division

R1: This house believes that governments should break-up Amazon Inc.

R2: This house believes that the public should directly  vote for winning individuals for popular awards shows (i.e. Grammy’s and Oscars) as opposed to an Academy Selection Committee. 

R3: This house regrets the commercialisation of political social movements e.g. gay pride and women’s’ marches.

Final: This house supports South Africa’s decision to use the military to fight against gangsterism in the Western Cape.

Taxila beat PEPPS College in the Senior Championship Final.

Junior Division

R1: This house would ban research leading towards biologically or technologically enhanced humans.

R2: This house believes that major film and television  awards should abolish award categories separated by gender.

R3: This house would prohibit  private ownership of art that is deemed to  be culturally or historically significant.

Final: This house would make recipients of welfare conditional to passing a financial test.

Taxila beat Capricorn in the Junior Championship Final.


20190907 Senior Tab 
20190907 Junior Tab