Senior Division:
Kwa-Zulu Natal (New Germany) defeated Western Cape (Aurora) with a unanimous decision from 5 adjudicators in the Senior Final to win the National Schools’ Debating Championships 2012.

The Senior Motions:

R1. THB search engines should censor materials they deem to be dangerous.
R2. THW create a state run market for recreational drugs.
R3. THW enforce stricter university entrance policies.
R4. This house believes free trade is best for economic development.
R5. THW abolish tribal courts.
R6. THW force broadcasters to cover women’s and men’s sports equally.
Quarter Final: THB South Africa should change to a single-member constituency.
Semi Final: THBT civil disobedience is a legitimate tool of strike action in South Africa.
Final: THBT justice for war crimes is best metered out at home, not in the Hague.

Junior Division:
Gauteng (Vereeniging) defeated Kwa-Zulu Natal (Wartburg) with a 3-2 split decision in the Junior Final to win the National Schools’ Debating Championships 2012.

The Junior Motions:

R1. THW place an age restriction on social networking websites
R2. THW legalize marijuana
R3. THW abolish factory farming
R4. THBT piracy of digital media (music,movies) has done more harm than good
R5. THW privatise public utilities
R6. This house believes the US should lead a miltiary intervention in Syria
Semi-Final: THS gender quotas in parliament.
Final: THB the South African government should force primary and secondary school students to learn in their mother tongues.

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