Polokwane Debating League Schools’ Tournament
Date: Saturday, 20 August 2011
Venue: Noorderland        
Prepared Motions
Senior Debaters (Grade 10-12):

  1. TH supports child labour.
  2. TH would offer dictators immunity in return for leaving power.
  3. THW legalise the sale of human organs.

Junior Debaters (Grade 8-9):

  1. THW limit State medical care to smokers.
  2. TH supports HIV testing in schools.
  3. THW make organ donation compulsory.

Please note:
The official invitation will be sent out soon.
There will be four rounds of debating.
Participants for the National competition will be selected at the tournament.
Tlou Mashitisho
Mobile: 072 910 9910

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