Dear debating community,

The National Chief Adjudicator for the South African Schools Debating Board (SASDB) on behalf of the motions setting committee would like to officially like to announce the prepared round motions for the South African National Schools Debating Championships (SANSDC) 2012. The prepared round motions are listed below:


R1. THB search engines should censor materials they deem to be dangerous to public safety
R3. TH regrets the government’s decision to bail out SAA
R5. THW abolish tribal courts

THS the decision to allow Oscar Pistorius to compete at the 2012 Olympic Games


R1. THW place an age restriction on social networking websites
R3. THW abolish factory farming
R5. THW privatize public utilities

THB the South African government should force primary and secondary school students to learn in their mother tongue.

For each prepared round, teams will be given the draw as with any impromptu round. They will then be given thirty minutes to prep the decided side. I wish all the delegations the best of luck.

Kind regards,
Sam Dunne

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