Balshazar has been president of the Jezia republic for more that 25 years since its emancipation from the  kingdom of Roda. Since his reign (Balshazar) the country experienced civil wars, unfair elections as declared by the Intra-Continental Organisation (ICO), the economy deteriorated and many fled to the neighbouring nations.

Most of the remaining Jezia citizens of Roda ancestry got brutally beaten and property taken away without lawful means and treated like outcast.

Neighbouring nations approached the league of nations (a multi-continental organisation) for help and after failed mediation with Balshazar who refused to step down, opened any suggestion from the member states.

As the league of nations, THW sanction the assassination of Balshazar.

2. THW ban foreign-owned spaza shops

3. THW give lesser sentences to rapists who use condoms

4. THS the Bush administration's "Just war theory"

5. THBT gay judges who contribute to homosexual laws should publicly disclose their sexual orientation


1. THBT the state should regularly compel people to donate blood

2. THW make wearing fur illegal

3. THBT online matchmaking is a better system than traditional dating

4. As feminists, TH regrets the rise of sexually assertive pop star(s) (e.g. Lady gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna)


Based in the year 2022 where there is a low unemployment & crime rate. The govt wants to reduce overpopulation & also try to help people vent out their frustrations. So they created 'the purge', a 12 hour period where every crime is legal, all public services are closed including police & hospital.

Certain members of govt cannot be touched during the purge & if anyone breaks the rules will be sentenced to death.

MOTION: THS the purge

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