Senior Motions
  1. Info Slide: Orphan Black is a series which is focused on Neolution (Post Modern Evolution). In it Dyad is a company which created embryo clones and grew them via invitro-fertilization. The Proletheans are a religious extremist group which are killing the grown clones based on the belief that they are abominations.
    THW rather Proletheans over Neolutionists.
  2. Info Slide: Dr Omalu is a forensic pathologist who has accumulated over seven degrees in various countries and is well established. He is originally from Nigeria but decided to practice forensic pathology in America. After the mysterious death of a football legend, he later discovered that the death of the legend is a suicide induced by concussions from playing football. These concussions caused the brain to formulate proteins which in turn caused the legend to be self mutilating and severely depressed, which was the same with other football legends who had retired and later died in similar circumstances. The nature of the findings threaten football as a sport and is a danger because of the attachment Americans have to football.
    As Dr. Omalu, THW publish the research.
  3.  THBT South Africa should implement austerity measures.
  4.  THBT Turkey is better off outside the EU.
 Junior Motions
  1. THW prosecute all persons using Chauvinistic, sexist and/or demeaning language in the workplace.
  2. After 20 years of Freedom THBT South Africa has not done enough affirmative action to alleviate the inequalities around minority groups.
  3. THBT autonomy is dead in the Age of Social Media.
  4. THBT government must fund all foundations which aim to preserve and conserve historical monuments.

Special thanks to Thabo Phala and Isaac Moselana for the motions.

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