Limpopo Debating Community,
This is first time we host provincial outside the Polokwane Debating League (PDL) but PDL remains the custodian of Limpopo Schools Debating and we hope the tournament will be a success. We have four rounds with the two streams and within those four rounds the panel consisting of debaters in the province will choose the provincial team. This year Limpopo is taking 1 team per stream so it's vital that learners do their ultimate best in the tournament.
Each motion has a theme and, the first advice to note is that many motions have a story behind them. So during preparation time, learners must also ask themselves "why the adjudicators chose such a motion". This year, adjudicators will be strict as always on judging: focusing on richness of the content, excellence in style and sound strategy. Educators are advised to train learners extensively to achieve maximum performance. Round 3 of each stream is an indication of this principle, the two motions are not alike and we would like you guys to treat them as such. 
Junior Motions
This House Supports Parental Certificates.
(Theme – Responsibility)
This House Would Abolish School Uniforms
(Theme – Social)
This House Supports Corporal Punishment
(Theme – Punishment)
This House Would Replace Teachers with Computers
(Theme – Technology)
Senior Motions
This House believes schools should be mobile phone-free zones
 (Theme – School Environment)
This House Supports the Bush admisnistration of the "just war" theory
(Theme – Diplomatic relation)
This house would re-introduce corporal punishment
(Theme – Punishment)
This House Believes That the common purpose law shouldn't be used in post apartheid South Africa
(Theme – Law)
I hope the tournament becomes a fruitful one and may the best speakers be chosen. 🙂
Yours in debating,
Isaac Moselana 
(2012 Limpopo Provincial CA and Coach)

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