The Junior Leadership Project (JLP) provides an opportunity to invest in young people. It is an empowerment tool that primarily aims to inculcate leadership, mentoring, moral and ethical values in young people. The JLP is one of the South African Police Service (SAPS) Youth Crime Prevention Projects aimed at building resistance and resilience among young people to crime and violence affecting them in their communities.

Learners who participate in the project will be competing through four levels of competition. Everything starts with the appointment of Junior Station Commanders that progress to District and Provincial Commanders. The National Commissioner of the SAPS will appoint the Junior National Commissioner at the end of the competition.

Junior Station Commanders

The stations of Polokwane and Westenburg will appoint one junior station commander and three deputies for the District Commissioner. The portfolios that learners may fill after the competition:

  • Junior Station Commander
  • Junior Visible Policing Head (Commander)
  • Junior Detective Commander (Branch Commander)
  • Junior Support Service Head (Commander)

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Important Dates

07 Apr 2021 – Stakeholder’s Plenary

14 Apr 2021 – Meeting with Schools

21 Apr 2021 – Training @ Tom Naude (12am)

21 Apr 2021 – Training @ MEPS

22 Apr 2021 – Training @ W/burg High (9am)

14 May 2021 – Competition Day @ Tom Naude