Dear Members of the SASD Community,
This email serves to convey the call from Brandon and Vashthi for applicants for the position of the 2013 SA shadow coach.
Hi all,
Please find below a call for the position of SASDB Shadow Coach for the period 15 April 2012- 15 September 2012.  Please forward this email to anyone who you think may be interested in applying for this position. The deadline for applications is Monday 9 April 2012. Applicants should send to this email address (
(1) A CV and brief motivation;
(2) An outline of their plans for the next 2 years (where they'll be, what they'll be doing, etc);
(3) A coaching plan outlining their ideas for training sessions, etc.
The NEC will vote on who to appoint, and the appointment will be announced around the 15 April 2012 .

Brief on the role of the Shadow Coach:


To develop up-and-coming coaching talent at the highest level through exposure to the work that goes into

preparing an SA Schools Team for WSDC and other championships.

Coaching at an international level is hugely different from coaching at a local or provincial level. Things like

psychological coaching, style, team dynamics and strategic calls are far more important than they ever are on

the South African scene, and anyone who hasn’t been to WSDC simply isn’t aware of this and may not know

quite how to deal with it. It is also just much more intensive than any other coaching – you’re with the team

24/7 for over two weeks at a stretch, doing insane amounts of debating and having to provide emotional

support to a group of teenagers under pressure.


The Role of Shadow Coach:

The shadow coach should not simply be a silent fly on the wall. S/he must be able to actively contribute to the

coaching process through giving feedback to speakers, discussing training and strategy ideas with the head

coach, being a sounding board, etc. The discussions between National and shadow coach will take place

mostly in private, i.e. out of view from the speakers. The shadow coach must be a sharp debater and a good

coach, albeit one who is inexperienced at coaching the highest levels of debating and who needs some


Must take an interest in training – discuss coaching methodology and techniques with the head coach, learn

and listen. The shadow coach must be confident enough to indicate where he/she disagrees with the National

Coach, but also aware that the strategy chosen for coaching the National team is the National Coach’s


The shadow coach will attend all tournaments with the team, as far as is practicably possible. 

  •   The shadow coach must attend all training functions of the team.

    The Responsibilities of Head Coach towards Shadow Coach:

    Should actively work to develop the coaching abilities and insights of the shadow coach through discussing

    coaching issues with them.

    The shadow coach should become an integral part of the team-coach machine. The head coach must make

    the shadow coach feel included.

    When seeking funding for tournaments, the head coach must seek funding for the shadow coach as well as

    the team.

    Looking forward to receiving numerous applications.
    Brandon Almeida
    Co-Coach: SA Schools Debating Team 2012-2013



    Tristan von Zahn
    Operations Officer

    South African Schools Debating Board
    083 293 0880

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